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All Original Indian - B/W by nefersguy All Original Indian - B/W :iconnefersguy:nefersguy 1 0 The Diver by nefersguy The Diver :iconnefersguy:nefersguy 2 0 Theater Art by nefersguy Theater Art :iconnefersguy:nefersguy 5 1 An Indian Original by nefersguy An Indian Original :iconnefersguy:nefersguy 5 2
Questioning Ever
Will the perception ever be changed.
Will the error ever be rectified.
Will the promise ever be kept.
Will the ghost ever be exorcised.
Will the restless ever find his peace.
Will the vision ever be fulfilled.
Will the recovery ever come to the spirit.
Will the betrayal ever really cease.
Will the pain ever rescind its grasp.
Will the heart ever feel secure.
Will the nemesis ever be vanquished.
Will the peace of night ever return.
Will the fear ever request a return.
:iconnefersguy:nefersguy 4 3
A Brass Ring
I rode the tilt a whirl and grabbed for the brass ring.
How was I to know the ring wasn't the thing.
Caught up in the riptide, pulled me under.
Through all the pages and all the wonder.
If only someone could see me in truthful light.
Thru a glass darkly and judge me right.
Throw me in the wash and I'll be grand.
Sing for me once and for you I'll stand.
Bereft of opinions in truth see me still.
Know me to know only if you will. 
:iconnefersguy:nefersguy 3 3
Cover me in subtlety, in safety I project defiance.
Walk with me in harmonies delight against the noise.
Shelter me from the twelve woes I dread.
Build me up to fight the day of knives.
Recon my soul for better things hidden.
I seek your peace only you give me.
You are the writers pen, I the paper.
I am a slave to you in shackles free.
:iconnefersguy:nefersguy 5 5
Fire on me no whispers allowed.
Crush my pride so I can see the unseen.
Let me remember the child I forgot.
Teach me what the hard heart rejects.
The soft strength entwined to shatter deception.
I am recovered from the wasteland of dark.
What appeared dead exploded in life.
:iconnefersguy:nefersguy 6 5
Spring Male Cardinal by nefersguy Spring Male Cardinal :iconnefersguy:nefersguy 2 0 Twoasone by nefersguy Twoasone :iconnefersguy:nefersguy 5 8 Reflections on a Train by nefersguy Reflections on a Train :iconnefersguy:nefersguy 1 0
The hunter becomes the hunted.
In death the fear descends in mortal tones.
Surreptitious natures rule the night.
The message is massaged to suit.
White is black and black is grey.
Drink the Kool-Aid in Jonestown.
Trust dies a hard death embroiled.
The culprit rises only to fall intact.
Action to action in frail endurances.
Straight path made crooked so subtle.
What was accepted and known is strange.
:iconnefersguy:nefersguy 4 1
False Flag
With words conveyed the benign setting emerges sterile.
Behind the curtain the deception broods in coverings.
Say one do another, words and images contrast slices.
Two houses hidden in clouds of storms defiled anger.
Pretend and defend the fortress walls in darkness shrouds.
Forthright forked tongue clothed in chaste satin swirls.
The sharpened enigma unravels in unseen rooms cloaked.
In shrouded misty gatherings the flag unfurls false.
The only truth is the lie projected in abject tension.
:iconnefersguy:nefersguy 5 1
Pretty Chill
Head held high, antennas up, forward glancing.
Break the pattern, alter the vision, crack the sky.
Bleed the wounds, talk it out, crush the serpent.
Replenish the mind, move thunder, face fear.
:iconnefersguy:nefersguy 3 5
I never saw it coming out of the vastness she overtook me.
All before was preparation of the ground for the harvest.
A rusty squeeze box beginning, a Mozart symphony evolved.
From heavens heart, a waltz of love glided in us.
A lions tamer using a gentle hand in a mutual sojourn. 
We are not the transgressors, we are the survivors.
Heart to heart we move in unison of purpose in depth.
Love made perfection without words on wings of essence.
I am hers in Gods perfect number completely forever.
:iconnefersguy:nefersguy 6 10
Aliens In The Couch
Aliens in the couch, beware the signs disturb them not.
Creepy crawly sessions in the dark, force you down harshly.
Down an around the alley of discontent, forbidding I won't go.
Gasping, clutching, the night terrors come for you cloaked.
Feel the fall in free form, no self control, desperation overcomes.
Things important now fade, the control at the helm.
Aliens in the couch, too late for escape upon demand.
:iconnefersguy:nefersguy 6 2


yee haw by TinaLouiseUk yee haw :icontinalouiseuk:TinaLouiseUk 33 72 Heavy Metal by Mom-EsPeace Heavy Metal :iconmom-espeace:Mom-EsPeace 7 3 All That Talent! by Mom-EsPeace All That Talent! :iconmom-espeace:Mom-EsPeace 6 2 Skin Deep by Mom-EsPeace Skin Deep :iconmom-espeace:Mom-EsPeace 14 5 Selfie by TinaLouiseUk Selfie :icontinalouiseuk:TinaLouiseUk 24 17 Photography: State Theater by sc62568 Photography: State Theater :iconsc62568:sc62568 109 54 Winter's Queen by sc62568 Winter's Queen :iconsc62568:sc62568 105 64 RHEIN ABSTRAC TOS by KATZENAUGEN1967 RHEIN ABSTRAC TOS :iconkatzenaugen1967:KATZENAUGEN1967 17 4 The walk by RDores The walk :iconrdores:RDores 11 0 Art Deco... by zootnik Art Deco... :iconzootnik:zootnik 86 19 Art deco by Mosh83 Art deco :iconmosh83:Mosh83 80 12 Elizabeth-Burial-at-Sea by EdgarSandoval Elizabeth-Burial-at-Sea :iconedgarsandoval:EdgarSandoval 433 26


Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world
Like a Colossus, and we petty men
Walk under his huge legs and peep about
To find ourselves dishonourable graves.
Men at some time are masters of their fates:
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.
          Julius Cæsar. Act i. Sc. 2.



for Jennifer my love

Fire from the sky of torment coordinated assault of the heart.
Fade to black in recoiled anticipation of what's to come.
Enduring the words that course the deceptions of meaning.
Fear blinds the lighted path, the rippers next victim.
Slashing and gashing till the will is broken asunder.
Counter intelligence has done its work piece by piece.
Flesh and bone, flesh and bone, no match for the mind.
Resistance aborts the onslaught of his will in Pavlov's dog.
Close the door on false hopes, torment by attrition prevails.
  • Eating: Toast
My thoughts penetrate my anxiety knifing thru butter.
Keeping the endless ship afloat on a sea of desperation.
Avoiding the reefs of destruction in fog and storms.
Waves crashing in perpetual motions against my bow.
Surviving the tempest I sense the deliverance.
Awaiting in breathless tension the destination of dreams.
I move I feel I breath I await the joining of my love.
  • Eating: Toast
See what I see, see the battle that rages desperately.
Warfare on a different level by unseen things and unseen weapons.
Subtlety of the dominion as the battle ensues in the shadows.
Influence swirling around us in darkness and light.
Trepidation is the watchword of the gates.
Spirits dance seeking invasions below the surface.
All is not meaningless purpose in a world as this.
Armor needed of steadfast choices, guarding what's precious.
Scales fall to see the unknown entities in war for us.
Deception in words encompass the frail awareness.
A call to arms conquering the temptations of the hidden.
In a shadow world living in a zone of in between.
Seeing out but no one seeing in, pale humanity is focused.
Never leaving and never coming back.
Faltering glimpses in faded vision seeking clarity.
Altering the course the false divining rod eclipsed.
The seven woes become the darkened street signs.
Satisfaction disappears in the wormhole of ignoring.
Rumblings of stumbling defining the objective living.
Ghosts prevail behind the soft words of intentions.


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United States
Historian always, writer sometimes, photographer sometimes, raconteur most times and appreciator of most art forms except one.
Anything written or photos posted are for YOUR interpretation. My hope is that you get some enjoyment. Thank you so much for visiting my profile.
Stock photos - Feel free to use if you wish but please CREDIT. Linking is optional, but I really do enjoy seeing where and how my things are used!

Journal History

Amore Peribat

No one sees it approaching, in secret movements
Beating a silent drum for the armies of falsehood
Singular rotation, it sees only itself circling the infractor
In self to self, loving the passion obtained
Leaving an emptiness, the objective of fate
Warnings ignored, it takes root and devours its prey
Charming the intellect then flesh, at no cost its own
Take upon take, in deception creating the need
Seeking worship, it consumes the adoration



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